Michal Ben Yosef

Michal Ben Yosef is one of the foremost ceramic artists in Israel. She has 15 years design experience in creating ceramic Judaic and housewares using a unique and innovative technique. All Michal's products are handcraft and undergo extreme heat processing so as to ensure long lasting sturdiness. Her work is sold in museums and galleries throughout Israel. Michal studied ceramic design with the top artists in Israel. Her artistic vision is constantly flourishing with the influx of continual study and refinement of her process. The inspiration for Michal's work derives from shapes and colors found solely in nature. A portion of  Michal's work is intentionally left unglazed so as to emphasize the natural beauty of her work's unique substances and textures. The motives selected for Michale's work are directly drown from the plant and animal life found in Israel. Michal styles her Judaic art using a jewelers approach, cultivating sources found in the Holy text of our forefathers.

Challah board 23014
Challah board 23015
Challah board 23016
Eliahu cup 23025
Hamsas 23005
Hamsas 23006
Hamsas 23007
Hamsas 23008
Havdalah set 23017
Honey plate 23023
Matzah plate 23026
Matzah plate 23027
Matzah plate 23028
Menorah 23033
Menorah 23034
Mezuzahs 23000
Mezuzahs 23001
Mezuzahs 23002
Mezuzahs 23003
Mezuzahs 23004
Netilat Yadayim Cup 23040
Netilat Yadayim Cup 23041
Netilat Yadayim Cup 23042
Pomegranate 23019
Rosh- Hashanah plate 23018
Salt and pepper shakers 23009
Salt and pepper shakers 23010
Salt and pepper shakers 23011
Salt and pepper shakers 23012
Salt and pepper shakers 23013
Seder plates 23024
Seder plates 23031
Seder plates 23032
Serving plates 23035
Serving plates 23036
Serving plates 23037
Serving plates 23038

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