Domar Artists, a family owned ceramic manufacturer, was started by the Israeli born Pinhas Domovitz
who spent several years in Germany in the early 1980`s. His earlier experimental works with glass and
clay won him recognition by the President of the Union of German Artists.
Domar Artists one-of-a-kind ceramic creations are world famed for their extraordinary beauty and
stunning hand painted decor in sterling silver with white and gold platinum. Over the years, these
outstanding works of art gained recognition by an exclusive clientele of celebrities.

Beit HaMikdash challah board 31020
Beit HaMikdash first temple 31006
Beit HaMikdash temple 31000
Beit HaMikdash temple 31005
Beit HaMikdash temple 31022
Beit HaMikdash temple 31027
Beit HaMikdash temple 31029
Beit HaMikdash temple 31031
Beit HaMikdash temple 31034
Jerusalem hamsas 31009
Jerusalem hamsas 31010
Jerusalem Kotel 31002
Jerusalem Kotel 31014
Jerusalem Kotel 31023
Jerusalem Kotel challah board 31021
Jerusalem Kotel seder plates 31036
Jerusalem Kotel vase 31016
Jerusalem menorah 31013
Jerusalem old city 31025
Jerusalem old city 31025
Jerusalem old city 31033
Jerusalem old city seder plates 31037
Jerusalem old city vase 31018
Jerusalem Zion Gate 31004
Jerusalem Zion Gate vase 31017
Magen David menorah 31015
Pomegranate 31001
Pomegranate 31024
Pomegranate 31030
Pomegranate hamsas 31008
Seven Species challah board 31019
Seven Species home blessing 31007
Temple menorah 31032
The old city menorah 31012
Tree of the life 31028
Wheat 31026

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