romit gur

Ronit Gur Jewish Art, is a leading Judaica studio specializing in Talitot, Talit / Tefilin bags, Challah / Matzo covers, Judaica silk, textile and other unique fabric products.

Ronit Gur Jewish Art is a family business, with skilled employees. The studio / production site is based in Ma'alot, a city in the Western Galilee. It is located in the north of Israel, 20 minutes from the coastal front.

challah covers 46001
challah covers 46002
challah covers 46003
challah covers 46004
challah covers 46005
challah covers 46006
challah covers 46007
matzah covers 46008
matzah covers 46009
matzah covers 46010
matzah covers 46011
matzah covers 46012
tallits for men 46013
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tallits for men 46016
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