Special housewarming gifts ( Hanukat Bayit )

Hanukat Bayit or housewarming party for new home is always a joyous occasion, and in Judaism it is a special mitzvah. The home is a vital center of Jewish life. When moving into a new dwelling, it is costume to invite relatives and friends to celebrate the occasion. The ceremony begins with the fastening of the Mezuzah on the door-post while saying a blessing. This is often followed with a recitation of psalms and prayers and incorporates a mitzvah meal. The ceremony is a prayer to god for good health and good life under the new roof. Even for people that are less connected to tradition, the housewarming is a festive party symbolizing the official entry to the house.

New home means a new beginning in life. The transition to a new house or a new apartment, involves concerns and tension but mostly a lot of joy and anticipation. Housewarming party is the new owners' way to share their joy with their relatives and acquaintances. Housewarming gifts are a way for the guests to bless the owners making a fresh start in their new home. Housewarming gifts help fill their new house and gives it character, whether it is an object for decorative purposes only or useful object they will use in their daily lives.

Whether it is family members, close friends or work colleagues, you would certainly want to buy a special gift for their happy occasion. They will appreciate receiving a unique gift as this will testify of thought went into choosing the gift, and they will feel that they are dear to you. It is best to buy a unique gift, because do not forget, they will receive many housewarming gifts. Without a doubt, it is very moving to receive handmade designed gifts which have individual character.

When choosing a housewarming gift, think of the residents' personal taste. After all, you want to give them a gift that they would actually want to keep and will have special meaning for them.

If you have already visited the new house or apartment, you can get a feel for their personal taste and style from the house design. For example, classic houses design versus modern house design. You can also ask yourself: Are there dominant colors? Are they art lovers? One can also recall the style that characterized their previous home, and get an idea about what kind of gift they would like. In any case, it is recommended to attach a gift exchange note which every gift shop will be happy to give you.

There is a large selection of housewarming gifts you can bring. An example for a good housewarming gift is a decorative item, which will be a style accessory and will upgrade the look of the new house. There are many home decorative items which could be given as housewarming gifts, such as vases, decorative plates, textile wall hanging items, designed home blessings, Hamsas (palm-shaped amulet believed to provide defense against the evil eye) and more.

If the new home owners are art lovers, they will surely be delighted to get housewarming gifts with artistic spirit like landscapes, portraits or abstract art paintings in a beautiful decorative frame. Another option is to choose a gift from a variety of artistic sculpture items which many gift shops offer.

Another option is to choose a gift for the owners, not necessarily a house gift. An example would be a handmade designed piece of jewelry. 

As mentioned, a housewarming party is important for most families due to traditional Jewish ceremony of Hanukat Ha'Bayit. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is customary to give Judaica gifts. Some ideas for gifts relating to Jewish life are Mezuzahs, Shabbat candlesticks, Kiddush cups, Challah board, knifes or Challah covers, Havdalah set etc. Another type of Jewish gifts relates to Jewish holidays like Rosh- Hashanah, Hanukkah or Passover, which also make great gifts if you are staying in the house of friends or family. Many believe that giving gifts made by Israeli designers, be it Judaica gifts or not, adds a special meaning as well.

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The large selection ensures that you will find the perfect housewarming gift, suitable for the house and its' owners. Our Vision is to provide the best quality of product at reasonable prices while giving first-class customer support. We will be happy to assist you in find in a unique special gift.


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